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the tantra tantra4gaymen ashram a place to learn tantra online


STARTS: Sat 29 June-24

The Tantra4GayMen Ashram is an online platform where members can learn and practice Tantra under the guidance of Jason and Ingo, Tantra4GayMen Founders, and their team of Facilitators.

Every week there will be LIVE PRACTICE SESSIONS with our facilitators (adapted to USA & UK/Europe Timezones).

You will also get Video and Audio lectures, and practices to try out at home.

Every 3 weeks: LIVE PRACTICE REVIEW & SPIRITUAL GROUP COACHING sessions. A chance to work individually with Jason & Ingo. 

The first Term (Semester) starts Sat 29 June-24 with an Introductory Zoom Meeting with Jason and Ingo. 

The term ends mid Oct-24.  The Theme “Become Multi Orgasmic” – Learn to harness Orgasmic Energy into Spiritual Experiences and Personal Growth.

The Ashram never stops: When one term is completed, the next one begins immediately. You can join at any point in time, even in the middle of a term.

your commitment for the tantra4gaymen ashram

Cost: $42 monthly (rolling subscription).


Your Weekly Commitment

  • Live Sessions: 1 to 2 hours.
  • Video / Audio Lectures: 1 hour.
  • Self Practice: 2 hours.


EVERY THURSDAY (7pm UK – 2pm & 9pm ET – 11am & 6pm PT)*

EVERY SATURDAY  (5pm UK – 12noon ET – 9am PT)*

Hosted by Ashram Facilitators (via Zoom)

Over the term they’ll cover 15 different Tantra Techniques and Multi Orgasmic Techniques.

Last 3 weeks are a Tantric Multi Orgasmic Ritual sessions to practice and co-create a sacred shared ritual.

Sessions are optional to support your video Technique Practice videos.

live practice classes
spiritual enquiry with jason and ingo tantra


EVERY 3RD SATURDAY* (5pm UK – 12noon ET – 9am PT). 

Hosted by Jason and Ingo Tantra.

5 sessions will be held over the course of the term. 


Created and narrated/recorded by Jason and Ingo Tantra. 

– 9 Programme Orientation guidance videos. 

– 3 Weekly Check In as to how your getting on. 

– over 30 Audio/Video Lectures with transcript (in small 5 to 15min segments. 

– 17 Tantra Technique’s as practice instruction videos.

– 1 audio guided Tantric Ritual.   

the programme content of the tantra4gaymen ashram
next steps to join the tantra4gaymen online ashram to learn tantra for gay men

The Ashram takes place in our online platform To sign up/read more you’ll need to sign in/create an account (free) on the platform. 

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